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Welcome to East Lothian Aerials. If you are looking for help or advice when it comes to installing television aerials, satellite dishes or any of the popular set top boxes, just give us a call and we would be happy to chat things over with you and offer our professional opinion with a no obligation quote if appropriate.

We cover East Lothian, Edinburgh, the Lothians and the Scottish Borders. We have more than 30 years experience installing and repairing TV aerials and satellite dishes and can help you, no matter the problem.

Our Satellite And Aerial Services


TV Aerial Installations

East Lothian Aerials can supply and fit quality TV aerials for your Digital TV, Freeview or other set top box.


Satellite Dish Installations

We specialise in Satellite dish installations for all satellite service providers, including Sky, FreeSat, etc.


TV Wall Mounting

Put your TV where it suits you. We install discreet cabling and supply quality wall mounting brackets.


Satellite and Aerial Repairs

Problems? We diagnose and fix or replace whatever is broken, getting you up and running in no time.


East Lothain Aerials supply and fit high quality TV aerials to give you the best possible picture on your television.

We fit external aerials or internal loft aerials and take care of all the cabling requirements from aerial to TV.

Not all TV aerial installers will scale the heights we do. We are not restricted by the height of the installation site and will choose the best position for your aerial even if it’s quite a climb. The best position will mean the best picture for you so why settle for anything less.

Every TV Aerial Installation comes with our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and all installations use:

  • Top quality steel support brackets & mast
  • Top quality digital grade low loss coax cable
  • Digital signal meter to guarantee great reception
  • Cable fixing to ensure your aerial cable is safe and secure

Along with TV aerial installations we also install set top boxes for our customers. With a properly installed TV aerial and set top box you can enjoy all your favourite programmes when you like.

Some popular set top boxes we install are:

  • BT Boxes
  • Freeview
  • Yourview
  • TalkTalk

As well as a basic Aerial and TV setup, we can also help you with some of our extended services:

  • Additional TV aerial sockets anywhere in your house
  • Multi room installations
  • Wall mounting your TV


East Lothian Aerials can supply and fit all necessary parts to complete a satellite system installation.

Our service includes:

  • Satellite Dish installation and adjustment
  • Roof mounted dish fixtures if required
  • Additional TV aerial outlets
  • Single or multiple room TV installations
  • Magic eye installation

As with our TV aerials, we install satellite dishes without any height restrictions and go where some installers wouldn’t. If your satellite dish is not installed in the correct place you will not get the optimum signal for a great picture.

We install all types of satellite dishes, including:

  • Freesat
  • Sky
  • European Satellites
  • Hotbird
  • Astra
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • plus many more…

If you are a Sky customer we can easily help set up your Sky service such as Sky HD, Sky Q and Sky Plus. We can set up your Sky dish and Sky box the way you want them.

We specialise in European satellite service set up, so you can watch the TV programmes you miss from back home and in your native language. Just tell us what you need and we’ll set it up for you.


We can help you put your TV in the most sensible place in your room to suit your watching habits and needs. Putting your TV up on a wall or even attaching it to your ceiling can make for great viewing. You also gain floor space that would have been taken up by a large TV cabinet.

Wall Brackets

We have a range of wall brackets to suit your TV wall mounting requirements. We only fit the best quality TV wall mounting brackets, guaranteed.

Flat wall mounting is very popular for installing your television flush on your wall. However you can gain some movement with the full tilt and swivel mounting arms we can also offer. These give you great positioning of your TV screen.

Another increasingly popular option we can also help with is the installation of a pole and ceiling mount to suspend your TV from your ceiling. This gives a great view of your TV screen from anywhere in your room.


It is possible to use existing cabling if it is up to the standard you need for your TV equipment. However if cabling needs replaced, we can provide you with the best quality cabling and take care of all the cable running to bring your aerial and satellite signals all the way from your external roof fitted equipment to your TV. We can embed the cabling into your walls or run them along the wall surface.


Aerial Repairs

For the best picture on your Digital TV you need a good consistent stable signal.

If your TV picture starts to break up, pixelate or even freeze from time to time, it is possible your TV aerial has moved or broken.

We are able to realign aerials which have moved and test the signal to make sure your picture quality is back to its best. We can also supply and fit any fixtures and fittings which may have been damaged or are broken and which are affecting the quality of your TV signal. We only carry out the work that needs to be done. There is not need to replace if a repair is appropriate.

Satellite Dish Repairs and Realignment

Poor picture can be a result of poor alignment of your satellite dish. Your signal could end up being weak and the quality of your reception poor giving you a poor TV picture.

Similar to TV aerials, it is possible your satellite dish may just need realigned, especially if we’ve just experienced some bad weather or maybe a storm.

We can have a look at your satellite dish for signs of wear and tear or even damage. Sometimes we are able to repair your dish or re-mount it instead of needing to replace the whole thing.

If for any reason your dish can’t be repaired we can still help you by providing new parts.

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